Awarded Contract for Racial Equity Audit

It is with a heavy heart today that we announce this news. Our firm, Racial Equity Group has been awarded the contract to partner with the Town of Brookline, Massachusetts and equip all Town elected officials, department leaders and employees with a Racial Equity mindset, in order to make Racial Equity standard operating procedure, and achieve the Town’s vision to become a leader in advancing Racial Equity in municipal government.

As George Floyd was memorialized today, we begin our journey to help equip public and private sector organizations across our nation to dismantle systemic racism. For the past 11 years as a management consultant, our firm has provided advisory and training services on strategic leadership, employee engagement, implicit bias, diversity and inclusion, globally. However, we have never had a client desire a comprehensive and organizational wide strategic initiative solely on Racial Equity.

We do not think it was a coincidence that we received the official award letter on the day George Floyd was memorialized. We also do not think it was a coincidence that Massachusetts is the first state we will begin Racial Equity work at an enterprise-wide level. We must remember the state of Massachusetts was the first English colony to legalize slavery in 1641, (although the first slaves arrived in Virginia in 1619) and became a symbolic start button on this massive machine of systemic racism in today’s United States.

We are ready to equip, enlighten and empower the leadership, staff and stakeholders in the Town of Brookline, on this journey to dismantle systemic racism, and ensure race and place can no longer predict life chances and outcomes in our communities.

With hope and love,

Bird Guess
President and CEO
Racial Equity Group