Equity Eye Analysis Toolkit

The second strategy inside our Racial Equity Mindset Framework is the Equity Eye Analysis toolkit for department leaders that includes a Racial Equity SWOT analysis and a Systems Thinking process for implementation and evaluation of policies, practices and procedures that promote or impede Racial Equity, diversity and inclusion. 

The “Equity Eye Analysis” toolkit includes:

Racial Equity SWOT Analysis: process for qualitatively assessing institutional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the context of Racial Equity, diversity and inclusion. Strengths and Weaknesses are characteristics within the organization and all departments, policies, procedures, and practices, which either promote diversity, equity and inclusion (strengths) or impede diversity, equity and inclusion (weaknesses). Opportunities and Threats may be internal or external to the organization and are typically measured by their potential impact on the organization and all departments, be it positively (opportunities), or negatively (threats). We recommend each department conduct a Racial Equity SWOT analysis related to their unique function and business operations.

Systems Thinking Process: process to identify and understand the dynamics of systemic racialization and emergent effects that reinforce institutional inequities. This process empowers leaders to recognize interconnected problems, patterns, and systemic root causes that reproduce inequities, demonstrate enhanced understanding of unintended consequences of institutional decisions, and identify leverage points that can accelerate diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

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