Implicit Bias Puzzle Words

Bias and Blind Spots

We are all biased and if we are blind to our biases, the consequences are critical to the quality of interactions with others and decision-making. Managers may over discipline and unconsciously promote others. Non-managers may discover increasing conflicts with colleagues who are different. By gaining awareness and learning to manage biases we can adapt beliefs and behavior to improve decision-making and our interactions with others in our work environment.

Key objectives and outcomes:

  • Debriefing results of implicit bias tests (Harvard University)
  • Understand why implicit bias exists
  • Can you spot bias, prejudice and stereotyping: team scenario exercises
  • Prevent cross-cultural conflicts, tensions, and misunderstandings
  • 5 most common biases during performance appraisals (insights for managers and non-managers)  
  • Tools for how to reduce biases while making decisions and interacting with coworkers

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