Making Racial Equity Standard Operating Procedure

For the past 60 years, most public and private sector institutions have made minimal progress in advancing Racial Equity. Although many institutions and organizations profess equal opportunity and truly believe in Racial Equity, they have not been equipped with best practices to operationalize Racial Equity by developing goals, metrics and strategies for systemic solutions and long-term commitment. This training provides ideas, insights and our signature Equity Eye Analysis toolkit for making Racial Equity become standard operating procedure in every area and function of an institution.

Course objectives and outcomes:

  • Identify the core components of Racialization and the racialized system, which produces and sustains racial disparities without racism
  • Understand structural advantage and compounding effects of a racialized and gendered society
  • Apply a “Racial Equity mindset” to evaluate impacts of biases and blind spots on service delivery, policies, practices, budget decisions, and program decision-making
  • Discover the 8 best practices for operationalizing Racial Equity
  • Gain awareness of biases and blind spots in managing employee performance, development, and selection practices
  • Develop metrics for measuring, monitoring and managing Racial Equity

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