Allies for Racial Equity

We can all develop skills to be allies in a racialized society. We are all biased and if we are blind to our biases, the consequences are critical to the quality of interactions with others and decision-making. Managers may unintentionally harm or ignore racial outgroups, while unconsciously promote members of the racial ingroup to which they belong. Non-managers may discover increasing conflicts with colleagues who are different. By gaining awareness, learning to be allies, and manage biases, we can adapt beliefs and behavior to improve decision-making, equitably allocate opportunities, and create positive interactions with others in our work environment.

Course objectives and outcomes:

  • Debriefing results of implicit bias tests (Harvard University)
  • Understand why implicit bias exists
  • Discover the essentials of allyship and contributing to an inclusive work environment
  • Identify and apply the 6 habits of allies in the workplace
  • Understand systemic racialization and structural advantage
  • Identify individual privilege and ways to yield privilege
  • Discover the most common workplace biases, micro-aggressions, and the impacts on teams, trust and productivity 

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