Bigger than Racism

Understanding Racialization, Structural Advantage and How Racial Inequality occurs without Racism.

Racial inequities did not occur by accident or group behaviors. Instead they were deliberately created and sustained over time, and their compounding and reinforcing effects evolved into a systemic process of structural advantage and disadvantage for some racial groups, over other groups. Unfortunately, racial inequalities will not close or disappear naturally. Research driven tools and strategies must be applied to circumvent, modify and change structural barriers that manifest in the policies, practices, and habits of thinking inside institutions that often unintentionally perpetuate racial inequity.

Course objectives and outcomes:

  • Gain awareness of racialization and structural advantage, which produces and sustains inequalities without racism
  • Identify the mechanisms of racialization that reproduce racial disparities in hiring, promotions, compensation, retention, service delivery and operations, contracting and procurement
  • Discover how racial biases impact internal and external stakeholders, team trust and productivity, and create blind spots on policies, practices, resource allocation and decision-making

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