The Color of Covid: Racial and Health Equity Impacts

In Chicago 70% of Covid deaths were black residents while Blacks make up 29% of the population. “We already know that before COVID was ever established that the health outcomes for various communities are already different,” she said. “So if you know those disparities exist in terms of health outcomes, you can imagine that overlaying a new disease is only going to exacerbate whatever inequities already exist.” said Dr. Ngozi Ezike, Director Illinois Dept Public Health as reported by WBEZ.

In Wisconsin Blacks account for 50% confirmed cases and in Milwaukee County 81% of deaths while the population is 26% Black. In Michigan Blacks are 34% of Covid cases and make up 40% of deaths but only 14% of Michigan’s population.

Race and ethnicity Covid data are more than likely being collected via electronic medial records systems but the data is not being released. It is imperative that the CDC and health departments at every level collect and disseminate data by race to ensure all Americans are protected, but also prioritize resources to the most vulnerable groups which show through limited data as Black Americans due to previous health inequities and underlying conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, lung and heart disease and others.

In the military, there is a concept called “readiness” and starting at the top this concept must be applied. #racialequity #alleyesonequity