Tracking Creation of Racial/Health Equity Response Teams in Government

15 states, counties and municipalities are the vanguards of Racial Equity during this Covid-19 crisis by creating official Racial/Health Equity Rapid Response Teams; #racialequity #alleyesonequity (as of May 13th 2020)

  1. King County WA (March 6)
  2. State of Virginia (March 13)
  3. City of Chicago (April 6th)
  4. City of Boston (April 9th )
  5. State of Michigan (April 9th )
  6. State of Louisiana (April 10th)
  7. State of Pennsylvania (April 15th)
  8. Anne Arundel County MD (April 16th)
  9. City of Oakland CA (April 17th)
  10. Lafayette Consolidate Govt LA (April 17th)
  11. Wyandotte County KS (April 17th)
  12. Brockton MA (April 27th)
  13. Washtenaw County (April 27th)
  14. Milwaukee County (April 27th)
  15. City of Flint MI (April 29th)